Rise Above Finance

Corporate Visual Identity Case Study

Develop a corporate identity and website for Rise Above Finance.

Rise Above Finance is a Christian faith-based financial institution that helps people establish, reach, and maintain financial goals that are guided by the principles and wisdom from the Scripture.  

The company was founded by Enoch Weng and Ivan Chen in 2018 with the vision to help Christians take action in achieving extraordinary transformation through realigning their finances to their values and purpose. 


Going forward, Rise Above Finance wanted to take on the financial world with full force by introducing themselves with a fresh brand identity. The client wanted a visual approach that is simple, yet compelling enough to connect with their beliefs and values that are reflected in their service. 

When I first sat down with Enoch and Ivan, I asked them questions about where they see the company in 5-10 years, and how the Rise Above Finance brand will evolve. As a result, they wanted a brand identity that is strong enough to branch out into different services within the finance umbrella.

This is the first time I have collaborated with a finance firm, so developing the brand identity for Rise Above Finance was a great opportunity and experience.

For this project, I was able to achieve the following for the company:


  • Recreate the logo

  • Develop the brand look and feel

  • Corporate collateral—official letterhead, business cards

  • Marketing/promotion collateral

  • Visual aides—icons

  • Website design


At first, they already had a logo, but it needed that finance touch—trustworthy, reliable, serious, but also approachable and connected. With many financial institutions in the market that have logos that are rigid and serious in nature, they already have set the precedent for Rise Above Finance, and recreating their logo was a challenge that was favourable to both me and the clients.


The initial design of the Rise Above Finance logo featured two mountain tops that represented two human figures, and the sun rising above the pinnacle. When I asked the clients the story behind the logo, they said that it symbolized the resilience of their clients—that they can rise from their financial obstacles through the wisdom and guidance from the Bible. However, the logo did not look geometrical, and was unscalable in nature.

In terms of longevity, it didn’t capture the long term vision of Rise Above Finance, and one thing I kept in mind was that they needed a logo that will serve them for a long time because rebranding costs can be astronomical. Therefore, I designed a logo that paid homage to the original one, but embodied the essence of financial resilience, growth and success.


In Christian symbolism, the triangle is significant and is commonly used to represent the Holy Trinity—The Father, The Son and The Holy Spirit. The three sides of the triangle reflect the three parts of the Trinity, which are combined as a whole. This served as the base of the logo, where the two mountains meet. The smaller centre yellow triangle represents God, who has entrusted his wealth to his stewards, to carry out the calling in bringing forth His Kingdom. The small and big mountains represent the financial journey of the Rise Above Finance’s clients, that along the way, they build resilience and rise above their financial hardships. Finally, the sun rising above the pinnacle represents the transformation of the clients—realigning their finances to their values and purpose.


The brand look and feel for Rise Above Finance is simply an enlarged version of the logo. It is meant to be versatile, which can be positioned differently to accommodate other visual elements. To keep it simple and easy to use, only the mountain portion is visible where different shades and tints of the official colours (Indigo and Gold) and imagery can be applied to make it look dynamic. The look and feel is reflected on all brand collateral to achieve visual consistency.


Icons play a vital role in a brand identity in which they are helpful in communicating a message visually. In the case of Rise Above Finance, the company needed visual tools to convey their story to their current and prospective clients. And it is where the marriage between the copy and the graphic elements make the message more compelling and easy to comprehend. The icons are created with a round brush stroke and incorporate the Rise Above Finance colours.


Information package

Business cards


The Rise Above Finance website required a design overhaul to reflect the newly developed corporate identity. Its purpose is to deliver information to prospective clients with the hopes of capturing them as qualified leads. It will also house the resources provided by Rise Above Finance.